No Tree? No Problem!

Ever see a field that would be a perfect spot to hunt but there was no practical cover options? Ever set up your gear and then realize all the action was in the next clearing? Never again will you have those kind of problems. Traveling Tower is a hunting tower you can take anywhere. This hunting stand folds down and attaches to your ATV, UTV or Pickup. It will go anywhere you can go. 

Drive to your spot and effortlessly raise the tower to get straight to business. With the option to stake the Traveling Tower into the ground, you can pull your ATV, UTV or Pickup away for excursions. You have multiple camouflaging options so as far as wildlife is concerned you’re just a funny looking tree.

The Traveling Tower is built with electrolyzed powder-coated steel. That means you, a friend, and all your gear can sit at an 11 -14 foot observation height or higher with our new extension kit.



The Extension Kit is here!

Now you can extend your hunting or maintenance platform higher in 3 foot increments. It works just like scaffolding.


Check Out The UTV/Truck Mount!

The Most asked question we get is “but can I put it on my truck?” Introducing the long awaited UTV/TRUCK Mount for the Traveling Tower. Pull the gate down and insert into your 2 Inch receiver. You can still strap all your gear onto the tower platform so its already up there when you raise the tower. Works on most pickups and side by side UTVs.



_______Transport It____________ Raise It____________Use It________

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Catch the Traveling Tower on CYT TV :  Sunday, October 26th at 8:00am Central 





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